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COVID-19 and Telemedicine

COVID-19 and Telemedicine

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has altered almost every aspect of daily life for the foreseeable future, from the way we eat, to our choices in entertainment, to our children’s education. Predictably, it’s changed the way we seek healthcare, too - and not just when it’s directly related to coronavirus treatment.

CDC-recommended social distancing measures require us to keep ourselves and those around us safe by avoiding close contact with other people as much as possible, whether you’re shopping at the grocery store or taking public transportation. From reopening our doors, we at TouchCare have learned some valuable lessons. Doctor’s offices can be especially vulnerable to coronavirus risk if you’re not careful, as there’s always a risk that the people next to you in the waiting room might have an undetected case of COVID-19.

That’s the most obvious appeal of telemedicine. When you can consult with a doctor over the phone or via a video call from the comfort and safety of your own home, the risk of exposing yourself or others to the coronavirus (or any other contagious disease, for that matter) is significantly reduced. After all, let’s not forget that many people with COVID-19 are asymptomatic, so it’s not just about protecting yourself.

Yet there are many other reasons why telemedicine is useful that will remain appealing long after COVID-19 is defeated.

For one, it’s often more convenient than physically visiting a doctor’s office. Why not save yourself the time and transportation costs? Technology has made telemedicine easier than ever, especially as medical professionals are growing more accustomed to the new status quo.

It’s not just about physical healthcare, either. Tele-therapy is an increasingly popular option for mental health treatment, and in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s easy to see why. Not everyone has necessarily been physically affected by the current health crisis, but we have all felt a mental or emotional impact one way or another. Therapy is an invaluable resource for anyone and everyone struggling to process these difficult times. With tele-therapy, a licensed mental health professional can be just a phone call away.

Here at TouchCare, we’ve observed the increasing popularity of telemedicine and tele-therapy firsthand. In fact, this prompted us to launch two services to address exactly those needs: VirtualCare (telemedicine) and MindCare (tele-therapy).

We’ve recorded a whopping 16% increase in requests for virtual services, including tele-therapy, since the pandemic began in March 2020, with a steady 3% increase each month that followed.

That’s just one way TouchCare is committed to helping clients get through the pandemic safely and affordably. Check out TouchCare Shield for more about how we can help you and your loved ones stay healthy, including at-home testing.